Absolute Truth vs Absolute Liars

Some philosophers have maintained that there are no absolute truths. There appears to be a lot of disagreement with this statement, which is actually a little shaky. More precisely, there are different ways of interpreting it.

Mr. Skeptic

Nevertheless, the quest for truth can be an amazingly arduous and confusing journey. What is truth, and how do we recognize it when we see it? Who gets to decide what is true and what is false?

If we accept the maxim that there is no absolute truth, then it leads us into the jaws of a paradox:


If there is no absolute truth, then it must be absolutely true that there are ignoramuses, fools and liars among us. In fact, it might be argued that every living person falls into at least one of these three categories.

I don’t consider myself a liar, and yet everyone has lied at one time or another, even if our falsehoods are limited to “little white lies.” Nor do I consider myself a fool. Yet I have done some things in the past that make me cringe today. Was I foolish in my younger days, or was I just a victim of the ignorance that can only be eliminated through education and life experience?

Whatever the truth about absolute truth, it’s absolutely true that there are many among us who are absolute liars. I’m not suggesting they lie 100% of the time, but their lives are dedicated to deception. Corporate tycoons and the crooked politicians and media whores who work for them rank high on the list. It sometimes seems as if their combined efforts can warp time and space itself.

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My growing interest in philosophy, truth, and propaganda led me to create a couple cartoon characters. Mr. Skeptic represents myself. With its forked tongue, coiled like a snake poised to strike, “Jew Head” represents all propagandists and liars, but it especially represents the Jews, who may be the most phenomenal liars that ever evolved.

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