About PoliPsyPhi

Since childhood, I’ve been a fanatic naturalist. My earliest fantasies led to a budding career as a wildlife biologist in Alaska, taking me to the four corners of that vast state.

After about a decade, I stumbled into the creepy city of Seattle for a brief sojourn. Or so I thought.

You’ll never understand politics if you don’t understand yourself.

In 1985, I stumbled into a teaching position with the Seattle School District. After wallowing in the school district’s corruption and tyranny for another decade, a light flicked on in my head and I experienced what I call my political awakening.

Approximately two more decades passed before I took time out from political activism to study a variety of disciplines, including psychology and philosophy. What an eye opener!

I am now working on a series of books designed as an introduction to politix, as I call it. I haven’t yet decided if the series will include two books focusing on political philosophy and psychology or if I will merge both topics into a single book.

Another thing that has me scratching my head is my domain name. Most of the obviously good names focusing on both psychology and philosophy are taken. Eventually, I staked out three domains that I’m working with. However, this one probably has the coolest name.

As you probably know, PoliSci is a popular nickname for political science. SciFi, of course, is short for science fiction. I simply combined both nicknames, then changed SciFi to PsyPhi.

My political websites are more or less based at Politix.pro, while my political books are headquartered at KPowBooks.com. With more than sixty websites and a couple dozen books either published or in progress, there’s a lot to explore.

One of my goals is to discover if there’s any intelligent life in the United States. So, if you have a good tip, something intelligent to say, or just a simple complement, I’d love to get some good comments on some of my blogs.